"The premiere duo in the field today."
American Record Guide

"One of the greatest guitar duos of our time."
Les Cahiers de la Guitarre, France

"Their tightness of ensemble and their general musicianship illustrate perfectly just how elegant and attractive music for two guitars can be…two superb artistes."
Classical Guitar Magazine

"First rate and a pleasure to hear. The performances were consistently fine, the rapport between the two just about perfect playing with plenty of color and depth. The concert was admirable."
The New York Times

"A guitar duo worth hearing time and time again." (Headline)
The San Juan Star

"I am particularly taken by the Duo's poise and taste. Their interpretive insights yield music in the purest, least cluttered sense of the word and they play with a singleness of mind that both illuminates and delights. There is nothing routine about this pair."
"Critic's Choice of the Year",
Fanfare Magazine

"Their style is never overstated and their attention to detail meticulous, while balance, technical execution and ensemble are flawless…as fine an example of duo playing as can be imagined."
Guitar Magazine

"They play the Latin lingo with the best of them… They pack a powerful punch, sounding more Argentinean at times than Piazzolla's own New Tango Quintet giving us some of the smartest, most adroit playing since Presti and Lagoya … exhilarating stuff."

"They continue to impress with their impeccable musicianship. Their taste in ornamentation, their outstanding intonation and felt tempos, and their great skill in selectivity mark them as great communicators and the premiere duo in the field today."
"Best of the Year",
American Record Guide

I found this to be one of the most enjoyable classical guitar recordings I have heard in quite a while.
Audiophile Audition

The performance by Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio (a premiere recording) is as flawless as any can be.
Music and Vision

CD Review


"Concerti for Two Guitars and Strings"
(Fleur de Son Classics FDS 57952)
4 STARS * * * *

Does anyone epitomize elegance like Buffalo's Castellani-Andriaccio guitar duo? Not only is this husband-and-wife team experts on wines and olive oils, as Janice Okun has written recently on The News' food pages, but they turn out shimmering music that would sound as at home in a polished cabaret as in a fine concert hall.

Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio's latest, performed with the Israel Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Arie Lipsky, sashays suavely across the centuries. It starts with a double concerto by tango master Astor Piazzolla, introduced by glowing solos, and winds up with a Vivaldi concerto fu;; of buoyant riffs and courtly fanfares.

In between, there are some surprises. The guitarists go for Baroque with a concerto in D minor, originally written for oboe, by Alessandro Marcello, whose halts, starts and repeating patterns bring to mind Vivaldi. Into the near-present we go with a world premiere recording of Roberto Sierra's "Fantasia Corelliana" which explores, in a contemporary context, the exquisite grace of Arcangelo Corelli.

Guess what? It's all good, from the hints of electronica in the Corelli tribute (I couldn't stop playing the first movement) to the restless edginess of the tango. This record shines like candlelight. Thank heavens for people with pluck.

~ Mary Kunz
GUSTO – March 1, 2002


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The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo
Award winning American composer, Roberto Sierra has composed two major concerti for the Duo.

The Duo are Co-Artistic Directors of the JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition

The Castellani-Andriaccio Duo are endorsers of Karura Guitar Cases

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